Vincenzo Valenzi, Ubaldo Mastromatteo, Albina Pisani, Pasquale Avino.


It is possible improve efficacy of great drug in the therapy of pain, infections, allergy, stress and gastric disorders, hypertension, in Pain After Surgery: Managing & Treating…  and many other diseases using elettroquantistic model and technologies applied with dynamometry, skin electric measure that could improve also the autogestion of first level of therapy by people in far theatres.

This practical development must be tested asap not only on the operative field, but also to theoretical and experimental pharmacological clinics in great center of researches and in biophysical theoretical development using the fundamental basis posed 15 years ago in a research on 500 military in GDF in Rome.
In this pharmacoelectrodynamics model we can see how electrical phenomena are operative not only at the level of a single cell but in all human body on top of to nervous and muscolar system, with not only ecg or eeg or emg but with with other electric and Ohm applications to life.
Over the last fifty years, R. Voll showed that human body could be seen as an electrical system with the electric circuitry not in the Chinese meridians scheme based on a qualitative Yin Yang law, but following a quantitative Ohm’s Law and that coherent and incoherent quantum interactions rule on the bioelectrical status (connected with performance status and phisiopatological processes).
In a nutshell, the appearance of electric voltage on the skin suggested that an electromagnetic (e.m.) and a quantum mechanism could underlie the so call pseudo-allergies to drug: since these symptoms were the effects of drug, the intriguing possibility arises that the molecules of drugs could involve a quantum and e.m. action apart from the well know chemical action.
Hence, the paradigm: It’s the dose that make the drug, may not be universal.
General measure on meridians (work carried out by Valenzi, Gorgo, Ragulskaja and others) highlighted in subjects with meteoropathies and various pathologies, that the electrical resistance increased in physical electric circuits with a medium of about 43 scale unites of SEP corresponding to 130,000 Ω. “Normal” level of resistance in human body measured with the EAV (Electric acupuncture of Voll) is 95.000 Ohm =50 us After the administration of a coherent therapy, we saw a decrease in the resistance in a medium at 39,000 Ω (70 us), with an improvement of bioelectric performance due to an increase of physical electric currents, in accordance with Ohm’s law, I= V/R.
Power in the biological system, measurable with dynamometer (0-100 Kg) with muscular test, vary withW=V×I, with functional correlations (performance status, immunological status, muscle power, pain, inflammation, allergy, dyspnea, etc.).
It is well known from the work of Bohm-Aharonov, Josephson, Putof, Preparata, Trukan, and others, that the electro conductive phenomena could be influenced not only from B and E (the electric and magnetic fields) but also from A (the vector potential).
This effect seems play a real role in our understanding of the critical problem of side effects of drug (more than 100000 Americans die every year Lazarou et al. JAMA 1998; 279:1200–1205). It open a new way towards pharmacoelectrodynamics for a tailor made or coherent therapy with drug, nutriceuticals, spa, etc. that could improve the risk/benefit ratio in medical treatments and power of drug against diseases.Of course many research could be developed in fundamental areas of anatomy, physiology, ,neuroscience, quantum chemistry etc. in a very easy and intriguing approach to global human system that could be tested on critical areas where Health and Power of people is essential to win in the various field of competitions. 15 years of medical practise and fundamental research teach us that we can improve, here and now, the great and wonderfull power of drug therapy, reducing near zero side effects. Now this results must be IN PRACTISE with instruction on people that need fast treatment of common disorder as allergy, pain, gastritis, stress ecc.).


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