The quality of our life and our future depends on our ability to empathize with the planet


Our technological development is far ahead of the ethical. This fact poses an excessive risk for our civilization. We need a clear understanding of the metaphysical foundations of life. Scientists and governments around the world should focus international interdisciplinary resource for the investigation of the activity of planetary and human meta-I

How to evaluate the quality of such phenomena as life, consciousness, energy, language? Complex issues usually have simple answers, if our consciousness is a crystal clear system. Quality of consciousness, energy and language is excellent, if these phenomena synthesize harmony of humans and the planet.
While exploring the world deeper and deeper, thinkers are searching for a technical ability to investigate consciousness and energy mainly as a physical substance. But this is not enough. Metaphysical understanding of the world is necessary for the comprehension of the mechanisms of harmonious management by mind energy and language.
The greatest value of culture appears in the concepts that make our consciousness, energy and language more perfect. New concepts arise at the moment of collision of opposite pictures of the world. What concepts and why will win in this conflict? Only those that solve the problem! So, if the problem is correctly formulated, it is necessary to look for a new concept, which has the potential to solve it.
The main problematic field of terrestrial civilization is the lack of awareness on how to manage energy, mind and language harmoniously. A huge illusion of earthlings is that they possess these metaphysical properties of life. In fact, man only touches the possibilities of consciousness, energy and language and does it selfishly and aggressively. Imagine a maternity hospital, from which children were taken, but “remote control panels” to them were lost. So people are fighting 5000 years given that, in human history, the general period without war is less than 200 years.
Only a few researchers have measured the harmonious state of the mind after meditation, using modern technology. In fact, it is known only one study of the harmonious state of the mind during meditation, conducted by Zoran Josipovic. Contemplative Science Lab. New York University. USA. For 400 years of its existence, natural and exact sciences did not respond to a simple question: what is harmony. A general theory of harmony built on an interdisciplinary basis is absent. Zoran Josipovic is the only one that has measured harmony. In the meanwhile countries continue to fight and the humanities teach people how manipulate each other.
The Earth. 21st century People use their capabilities incorrectly. It’s a problem of terrestrial civilization. We don’t know the anthropic possibilities of consciousness, energy and language! Science works with biophysical material. But consciousness, energy, human language and the superstructures that regulate them (our “remote control panel”) are not bound by this framework.
528 years ago. The 15th century. The period of the early Renaissance humanism. “Speech about human dignity” “I have made you neither earth nor heaven, neither mortal nor immortal, so that you, free and honorable master, created yourself in the image that you prefer”, wrote 23-years-old Pico della Mirandola, putting his speech in God’s mouth. This Great philosopher knew nothing about biophysics, but he felt incredibly deeply the metaphysical I of the planet. “Speech about human dignity” was published in 1496, but we haven’t read it really until now! Nearly one billion people, one sixth of the planet, can’t read. Almost half of the world population lives on two dollars a day. 3.6 billion people have died in wars.
These facts are the natural consequence of the undeveloped human meta-I.
So, what is a human meta-I? It is a systematic and structural mechanism of regulating activity of consciousness, energy and language. That is awareness of the work of individual consciousness, energy and language. That is activity-oriented understanding of consciousness, energy and language. That is reflection of activity of consciousness, energy and language functions. Metaphorically speaking, it is “an included remote control panel”.
Human meta-I begins with an elementary habit of asking: About what am I thinking now? What energy am I generating at the moment of thinking? What language content am I using? Answers to these questions give a person an opportunity to bring into awareness the work of his consciousness, energy, language and to manage this work harmoniously.

Our planet, except for its bio-geo-chemical shells, as well as a man, has an individual consciousness, energy, and language. Edward K. Tsiolkovsky, Tyaer Pierre de Chardin, Vladimir Vernadsky, Helena Roerich understood this intuitively. Besides, the planet has a metaphysical superstructure. That is a planetary meta-I, the mechanism, regulating the activity of planetary consciousness, planetary energy, planetary language.
To understand the principles and structure of the activity of the human meta- I and the meta-I of our planet is the unique interdisciplinary problem of the 21st century. Science and culture today don’t have the answer to these questions. Modern space technologies are developing without an understanding of the mechanisms of how to regulate harmoniously the human and the planetary meta I. Maybe that’s why our rockets are falling often. Action first, then awareness is a typical model for the initial stage of evolving systems. But in our case it is a bad model, because it is a huge risk for our civilization in general. The task of philosophy and methodology of science is to designate this problem and outline the scheme on how to work with it. Philosophy and methodology, pedagogy and psychology, anthropology and natural science will get a tremendous impulse for the development, placing the question about the conscious activity of human and planetary meta-I.
New concepts are usually born from the dialogs of thinkers from different free philosophical schools. The philosophical foundation of meta-cognitive theories in the second half of the 20th century was formed intensively by the Moscow logical circle. The logical circle was created by graduate students of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University in 1952. The founders were A. A. Zinoviev, M. K. Mamardashvili, G. P. Schedrovitsky and V. A. Lefebvre.
Two decades later Alexander Zinoviev lived and worked in Germany, where for 25 years has written 25 books. A more precise logician, investigating the activity of thinking, and a more sincere social philosopher and satirist in one person is hard to imagine!
Merab Konstantinovich Mamardashvili worked in Moscow, Tbilisi, Prague, Paris, where he became a favorite philosopher of contemporaries. The topic of awareness of consciousness accompanied him throughout his life. “Cartesian Meditations”, “Lectures on Marcel Proust” are some recognized masterpieces of his philosophical thought.
Vladimir Lefebvre is a California University Professor. One of the most unique works is “cosmic entity”. Mathematics, describing the work of consciousness, logic, ethics and astrophysics are soul mates for Lefebvre.
The leader of the Moscow Methodological Circle for 40 years, G.P. Schedrovitsky formed a Russian cultural elite, honestly and courageously went ahead in philosophy and science and genuinely loved thinking and students. Actually, G.P. Schedrovitsky carried out a revolution in scientific knowledge. He entered into the humanities norms of thinking, schemes of intellectual activity, art reflection and ontology of activity.

Methodological study of thought and activity, brilliantly done by the outstanding Russian philosophers of the second half of the 20th century, formed the ontological conditions for meta-cognitive researches of consciousness, energy and language. From the point of view of the logic of scientific cognition, meta-cognitive researches of consciousness, energy and language activity are the natural step in the development of the humanities and natural sciences.

The observed anthropic evolution can be divided into three stages:
1. Development of cognitive abilities.
2. Development of meta-cognitive abilities (ability of man to be aware of an activity of thinking, consciousness, energy, language).
3. Development of meta-cognitive capacity of the planet.

As a result of evolution, the planet produces an autonomous mechanism of self-awareness of itself as a cosmic entity. Probably, the mechanism of so called artificially-natural systems is working here. Meta-cognitive capacity of the planet is a system, at least, of three meta-I: individual human awareness, evolutionary autonomous meta-structures of the planet and reasonable activity of space.
At the first stage of anthropic evolution a person cognizes the world. At the second stage, the human being understands how he cognizes the world. At the third stage the mankind generates practices in accordance with planetary meta I.
There will be a time when a person will be able to hear the planet as well as now he hears a speech on a mobile phone. But now the Earth is like a lonely flying city, not knowing his name, not knowing his way.

What to do today? To create a technology of leveling the technical and ethical development of civilization. To design a social technology of synchronization of ethics, knowledge and harmony. To develop a human meta-I. To create a new discipline of studies.

Academic disciplines that are necessary to build today and in the nearest future.
The general theory of harmony.
Theory of harmony in the natural and exact sciences.
Language of the planet.
Consciousness of the planet.
Energy of the planet.
Human meta-I.
Planetary meta-I.
Cosmic philosophy.
Space resonant structures of the Earth.
Energy of consciousness.
Synchronization’s potential of the planet.
Synchronization’s potential of the human being.
System-structural ethics.

On the planet today there are 260 countries that look like 260 planetary kindergartens, about 7000 languages and very little harmony. Maybe it’s time to grow up and to unite for creative tasks?
Our technological development is far ahead of the ethical. This fact poses an excessive risk for our civilization. We need a clear understanding of the metaphysical foundations of life. Scientists and governments around the world should focus international interdisciplinary resource for the investigation of the activity of planetary and human meta-I.
In the context of global planetary risks, philosophy and methodology of science should generate programs of cognition! Naturalistic self-determination is, obviously, for another time and circumstances.