UNFCC: FCCC/SBSTA/2003/14 Report on the national greenhouse gas inventory data from Annex I Parties for the period 1990-2001


Total aggregate GHG emissions for Annex I Parties as a whole have declined by 6.6 per cent over the period 1990-2001. Total aggregate emissions for the eight Parties with economies in transition (EIT Parties) have decreased by almost 40 per cent, although seven of these Parties reported increasing CO2 emissions in 2001. Emissions from Annex II Parties as a whole have increased by 7.5 per cent. These aggregate estimates are based on carrying forward the last reported values for those Parties where 2001 data were not reported.

With respect to emissions by sectors, domestic transport emissions and emissions from international aviation have increased substantially for most Annex I Parties. Emissions from energy production have increased over the period despite the large decline in this sector in EIT Parties in the earlier 1990s. The decrease of 32 per cent in fugitive fuel emissions for Annex I Parties was influenced by the decline in these emissions from EIT Parties. Agriculture, waste and industrial processes emissions declined over the period, but these rates of decline have slowed.